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Unnecessary Stress

Have you ever stressed over something that you absolutely didn't have to stress about?

I think 95% of the stress I encounter is self-inflicted. I stress and worry about the stupidest little things.

Case in point. My sis-in-law asked me to design her wedding announcement. Of course, I wanted it to be PERFECT. And I was quite pleased with the result. Today was the last day of a sale at ScrapbookPictures (metallic for the same price as glossy/matte!). I was so worried something would go wrong with the order...and I thought it did. I even emailed Doug in a panic b/c I thought the image had been altered. You see, I noticed (on the confirm order page) 2 of the file names had been changed (I guess they were too long). So I hovered over the names and two little images popped up--original version and image as ordered. The "image as ordered" had a little black line all around the image that I thought was going to show up in printing. If I hadn't jumped the gun, and thought to check the previews on all the images, I would have noticed the same little black line around every single one of them.

Doug was so sweet--he called me to assure me that everything was fine. The little black line was not going to show up in the print. (Talk about customer service--a personal phone call!) And after I hung up, I completed the order, feeling like a total and complete dork. Why do I do this to myself? Life is stressful enough without me adding to it, LOL. :)

So, let me just put in a little plug for ScrapbookPictures. I've only ordered from them once before now, but I've been TOTALLY impressed. I especially love them for printing digi scrap pages, because they can print my 8x8 LOs. I don't have to drag my LO onto an 8x10 template, then order 8x10 prints, and then trim off the excess. And, they only charge a $2 flat shipping rate. So seriously, go check them out. (And if you want to try metallic prints--they totally make the colors POP--order today, while they're still on sale.)