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Another FREEBIE!

But not really from me. Well, sort of. Let me explain. (If you're looking for the Christmas in Camo kit, etc. just scroll down to the next entry--but don't forget to pick up the freebie in this entry, too, and the one on Bethany's blog!)

So Bethany--THE Bethany, from Elegant WordArt by Bethany--asked if she could create a couple of pieces of word art from elements in my kit that we could give away for free, one on my blog and one on hers. Um, so yeah. Who would say no? Of course I said yes! How flattering! A famous designer (she sells at Scrap Orchard, by the way) wants to make word art from a freebie by a yet-to-be discovered designer, lol. I can't believe how fast she zipped these out. No sooner had I said yes than she'd emailed me with the two pieces. Jeepers!

Anyway, so here's one freebie:

Isn't she awesome? ***DOWNLOAD EXPIRED***

And here's the other:


Oh, and before I forget, to all of you who have left me such sweet comments about my first kit--THANK YOU SO MUCH!


My First FREEBIE!!!

Yep, you read that right. I designed my first kit, and now I'm giving it away for FREE, along with a coordinating word art pack (which is also FREE).

A couple of weeks ago Scrap Orchard announced a designer call. Since I'd love to design for them, I whipped together a couple of kits so I could apply. I was actually extremely grateful my application wasn't picked...because I wasn't entirely happy with how the two kits turned out. They were okay...but not exactly what I had hoped for. So I decided to give it another try. Here's my first kit, just the way I like it (lol), with a separate coordinating word art pack:

Apparently the file was too large as it was, so I had to separate the alpha from the kit, lol.

Now available (still free) at my store at Digital Scrap Cafe: ***DOWNLOAD EXPIRED***

Here's a detailed list of what the kit contains:
1 uppercase acrylic-and-swirls alpha with numbers and most punctuation
10 papers (5 patterned and 5 solid with snowflake embellishing)
5 stitched buttons
1 acrylic flag
1 snowman
3 acrylic stars (with different colored swirls)
3 foil swirls (each in red and green, so 6 total)
2 elves
2 frames
3 wrapped gifts
2 acrylic snowflakes
4 embellished tags (2 acrylic and 2 paper)
1 heart-and-snowflake trim/border
3 ribbon wraps

And the word art pack contains 8 pieces of word art.

What d'ya think? Of course, I absolutely love it, but I'd really like to know what you think. So if you get a chance, drop me an email (suzyqscraps AT gmail DOT com) and let me know--the good, the bad, and the ugly, lol.

Like those swirls and grunge snowflakes? They were made from brushes by the awesome Silvia. Check them out at graphics-illustrations.

Since I plan on only designing kits I can use personally, I decided to scrap a page or two...and ended up with THREE!

Here's a LO of the man who inspired the kit, my awesome dad:

Credits here

I'm so grateful for what he's taught me about patriotism and love of country and supporting our leaders in the positions that they've been voted to fulfill (even if we don't particularly love the person--we can still respect the position they hold and be true to our beliefs).

And here's a LO of my adorable little boy when he was almost 11 months old (before his haircut, lol):

Credits here

And finally a LO of my sweet husband (yes, from Christmas LAST YEAR--I'm so behind, lol):

Credits here

Anyway, hope you like the kit and word art. I'd love your comments and feedback (on the kit, the word art pack, my drawings, my logo, etc., etc.). Thanks!


Quick Post

Just wanted to jump on and point you to SaraAmarie's blog here. She's doing a Random Christmas Countdown and giving away pieces of a kit each day. The kit will go up for sale in mid-December. Check it out!