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Layout of the Day!

A LO I scrapped today was featured on the Layout of the Day Blog. WOOT!!! Here it is, using Sara's new collab with MandaBean, Warm Noses and Toesies (released last week at Sweet Shoppe Designs):

Credits here

I just love the colors in this kit. I'm sure I'll be using this one over and over...

Sara also released a kit a few weeks ago called Here Kitty Kitty. Here's my LO with it, showing my 2 kittens in September:

Credits here

And last week she also released a collab with Traci Reed and Heather Roselli called Flower Child. Such a fun kit to play with!

Credits here

I haven't scrapped in a whole month, but today I managed to squeak out 3 LOs. It felt GREAT! Hopefully I'll have more LOs to post soon...


Pursuing Talents

Smudge turns 1 tomorrow. Wow! How fast the year has flown. I have spent some time reflecting over the changes of the last year--moving and a new job (for Hobbes) and motherhood (for me), on top of all of the adjustments to having another person in our family (Smudge, of course). Overall, I'd have to say that life is good. I wouldn't trade my life for any other, and that's the truth.

No recent scrap LOs to post--haven't had much time to scrap recently. Maybe I'll get Smudge's b-day scrapped next week. And I have a LO or two to scrap with some of Sara's new stuff.

Which brings me to today's title. Pursuing talents. Of all things, I'd have to say that this has been a year of reflection. I've thought a lot about me and what I really want in my life and what makes me happy, what I enjoy. I've had to take a step back and make some decisions about what I can and cannot do right now. All things have their time, right? One talent I've pursued since a child I've put on hold for a bit, tucking it in the back of my mind. It needs some time to brew. Over the years I've abandoned some talents, and one that I regret abandoning I've recently taken up again. Life experience has given me new appreciation for my abilities in this area, and I've also been able to recognize where exactly my talents in that area are so that I can better focus my abilities I what I can truly do. (I hope this makes sense.) And another talent that I've discovered I've been taking steps to improve. I've been working at it for at least a year, but must say that in past weeks I've learned so much. Perhaps this dream will become a reality.

That is all.