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Gettin' Organized

Happy sigh. I feel so GOOD when I can get a few things organized and cleaned up, don't you? I was running out of space on my laptop's hard drive, so I spent my free time this evening deleting a bunch of stuff. Now I have almost 20 gigs of available space. YES! I love projects with visible end results. They're so motivating.

Still on track for Project 365. Here's my pic from yesterday:

Love his pinchable cheeks!

And here's my pic from today:

You wouldn't know it from the picture, but Smudge has a cold and isn't feeling well. It doesn't stop him from playing and making messes, though. This kid is always on the go, lol.

My dear sweet husband tidied and vacuumed our living room tonight...I can't describe the feeling of peace I felt when I walked in it and it was CLEAN with no clutter. Really, it wasn't a huge mess, just Caden's toys strewn about and x-box controllers hanging around, and piled papers here and there. Another cause for sighing. :)

I LOVE feeling more organized. I'm hoping to accomplish a lot this week. We'll see how it goes...

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