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Day 4 of the new year. And I'm still on target for my goals. One of those goals is to do something physically active every day. I haven't made it any more specific than that right now, because some days just taking the trash out to the dumpster is pushing myself to the limit. So, right now, I'll just try to do one physical activity every day. And when that's a habit, I'll push myself a little bit more. Moderation in all things, right? :)

Project 365, day 3

Project 365, day 4 (so much for my animal theme, right? maybe all things ranch instead? not that I need a theme)

I scrapped today. YEA! I did 2 LOs, both for scraplift challenges at SSD. This was for the Spin-A-Lift challenge posted today:

Credits here

And this was for the Treat of the Month challenge:

Credits here

And I think (cross my fingers) I'm finished with LOs for 2006. YEA!

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