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Here, Kitty Kitty

Day 2 of Project 365. I'm sensing an animal theme this week...

9 cats. Not all of them ended up in this particular shot. And we have a few more hanging around on the ranch, but I haven't seen them much this week (and a couple I haven't seen in months). Only 2 kittens are mine (I'm such a sucker for abandoned animals). The rest come around for handouts, more often in the winter when the rabbits are scarce (and when my brother-in-law and his wife are out of town and not feeding them, lol).

Wanna hear their names? (I know, they're not pets, so why name them? But I love naming things, and it's easier to keep track of them with names. :wink:) In no particular order, the several cats on the ranch are as follows: King Tut, Mama Kitty, Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Gray, Brother of Gray (aka Genghis Kahn), Thomas O'Malley (who hasn't been around in a few weeks), One-Eyed Jill, Spaz (also MIA), Gunsmoke, Tiptoe, Peaches 'n Cream (also MIA), Dipstick, Oreo, and Double-Stuff (my personal favorite).

Walking out our door when the cats are around is always a dangerous undertaking. Gunsmoke and Double-Stuff have been known to climb people looking for the food they're sure you're hiding...

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ChloƩ said...

This is cute! Love the names (especially Double-Stuff LOL)I would welcome any abandoned animal too if I didn't live in the center of the town (and if DBF would allow me! LOL)