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Challenge Monday!

Hey everyone! QT bre here with this weeks challenge! This challenge is inspired by a challenge over at Cat Scrap. I am calling it the "Mad Scientist Challenge" (inspired by one of SuzyQ's newest kits, and because I couldn't come up with a better name!) I had a lot of fun with this one, and I hope you all will have fun too. It may seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's all good! :) Here's how it works!

There are 4 categories: Element, Number of Times you use the element, Main color, and Inspiration.

To figure out the main element, take the day you were born, add up the digits until you have a single digit. For example, if I was born on the 29th day, I would do this: 2+9=11, then 1+1=2. My element would be a Frame. I was actually born on the 2nd day, so the element I used was a frame.

To determine how many times you need to use that element for your page, take the number of the month you were born. I was born in the 7th month, so I need to use a frame at least 7 times! (you can be creative. I used mine as elements around the main frame in the middle!). If you were born in the 10, 11, or 12 month, you add the digits until you get a single digit (ex. the 11th month would be 1+1=2, so you would use the element 2 times.)

To find out the main color, you add the digits of the year you were born. Example: 1986, 1+9+8+6=24, 2+4=6, my main color is black.

Category 4 is your age and will determine what you should use as your inspiration. I am 22, so 2+2=4. My inspiration is "Favorite pet/animal."

Here are the categories! (If you can't see it, try clicking on it. If you STILL can't see it, let me know!)
You can use other colors/elements, but you need to make sure that those elements are included. Here is my LO for this challenge, using my birthday 7/2/1986 and SuzyQ's Mad Scientist kit. Hope you have fun with this one, I know I did!!

Post the link to your LO as a comment so we can see your creations. Any questions, PLEASE ASK! Thanks for stopping by! :) Winner will receive a $5 GC to SuzyQs store!! Get those LOs done!


Ellie said...

Bre this is an awesome challenge!!

NancyP said...

Awwwww, man!! You're going to make me work my brain this early in the morning????? OK, just cause it's you and you're so sweet, I'll do it!!!!! :o)

Mya said...

I have never done one of these challenges before and really enjoyed it ,thanks!
My numbers were 2-6-2-8 and my layout id posted here

SuzyQ said...

Bre, this was so fun! My numbers were 5-3-1-9.

Here's the link:

Krisi and Adam said...

Looks liek a fun challenge and some math to go with it!

Junebugmom68 said...

I was looking for a excuse to scrap our pet and this ended up being perfect!! My numbers were 1-4-6-4, and here the link to my LO

Krisi and Adam said...

What a great and fun challenge.

I needed to scrap my favorite person -- well I have many but I chose my oldest daughter. Using pink and glitter (6 times) I have 4 pink splatters - mostly behind the picture, one green splatter and then green glitter paper for the title.

My layout can be found here:

krcurten said...

Wow, what a challenging challenge! My birthday is 2/25/1975. That meant yellow as the color, glitter element used twice, and something I dream about. Harder than it sounds. I was up to the challenge though, here is my layout: