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May Scrap Mix Challenge!

Hey everyone! QT bre here with this weeks challenge! This challenge is inspired by a challenge over at Cat Scrap. It's called Scrap Mix and is a lot of fun with this one. I hope you all will have fun too. It may seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple. We've played it before, but I've changed things up a bit. Here's how it works!

There are 4 categories: Element, Main Color, Main Paper, and Inspiration (based on someone you know!)

To figure out what your main elemet should be, take the day you were born, add up the digits until you have a single digit. For example, if I was born on the 29th day, I would do this: 2+9=11, then 1+1=2. My main elements are buttons. I was actually born on the 2nd day, so I should use buttons somewhere on my LO.

To determine the main color, take the number of the month you were born. I was born in the 7th month, so my main color is purple! If you were born in the 10, 11, or 12 month, you add the digits until you get a single digit (ex. the 11th month would be 1+1=2, so black is your main color.)

To find out the main paper you should use, you add the digits of the year you were born. Example: 1986, 1+9+8+6=24, 2+4=6, my main paper should be plaid.

Category 4 is your age and will determine what you should use as your inspiration. We all have many different people in our lives, so you should use that as inspiration. If the number you should use does not WORK for you, go ahead and pick on that does. To determine which person is your inspiration, take your age, add it until you get a single digit, and have fun. I am 22, so 2+2=4. My LO should be about one of my parents.

Here are the categories! (My computer had a meltdown, so I am without photoshop! :( I won't bore you with the details, lol, but hopefully this will work the same!)

Day of Birth: (Main Element)
1 - Frame
2 - Button
3 - Ribbon
4 - Stitching
5 - Flower
6 - Date Element
7 - Photo mask
8 - Glitter
9 - Swirls

Month of Birth: (Main Color)
1 - Yellow
2 - Black
3 - Blue
4 - Pink
5 - Green
6 - Grey
7 - Purple
8 - Orange

Year of Birth: (Main Paper)
1 - Dark
2 - Light
4 - Dots
5 - Stripes
6 - Plaid
7 - Any Pattern
8 - Any Solid
9 - Grunge

Your Age: (Inspiration - person)
1 - A Good Friend
2 - A Sibling
3 - A Hero
4 - A Parent
5 - A Grandparent
6 - A Child (yours, or someone else's)
7 - Any relative
9 - Your significant other

Since I am without photoshop (and I forgot until Sunday that it was my turn to do the challenge...shh...don't tell Suzy!) I don't have a LO. But hopefully one of the other CT members will put together a LO for you to see!

**ETA**As Joy said, 'Your wish is my command.' What a sweetheart. She totally got this done and way fast...Thanks dear!! Here is her LO using the birthday 9/23/1974. Here main Element (using the 23rd day, 2+3=5) is a FLOWER. Main color (using the 9th month) is one of HER CHOICE. Main paper (using the year 1974, 1+9+7+4=21, 2+1=3) is one of HER CHOICE! (lucky gal, right? lol). And her inspiration (from the age 34, 3+4=7) ANY RELATIVE! Wow, those numbers really worked for her! :) Here is her fab LO. Thanks JOY! Have fun everyone!

Post the link to your LO as a comment so we can see your creations. Any questions, PLEASE ASK! Thanks for stopping by! :) Winner will receive a $5 GC to SuzyQs store!! Get those LOs done! Have fun and be creative with this challenge!

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