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It's Monday & it's challenge Time!

Hi, everyone--just snagging Joy's post for a sec to post about this freebie:

This is my entry for week 2 of Capture the Flag over at Funky Playground Designs. ***DOWNLOAD EXPIRED*** Wish me luck!

Back to Joy, with this week's challenge!

Howdy SuzyQ fans! QT Joy here to bring you my first ever challenge. And we will call this challenge "Choose Older, Make-over!". Think my title is witty enough? LOL!

What do you have to do for this challenge? Choose one of your earlier LO's/pages, and do a make-over, as simple as that. But you have to follow these 2 rules:

1) Use the same picture/pictures. You cannot add, nor remove/delete. E.g. If your 'original' page has 3 pics, your make-over one should also have the same pics.

2) Use the same Title.

Other than these rules, you can do anything to 'beautify' your make-over page. Also, you have to provide a link/or include an image in your description, to the original layout/page, so we could see the difference.

And to make it more clear, here is my sample:

This is one of the first pages I did, while I was still grasping the idea of digital scrapbooking.. (And please, don't laugh, because it really is cringe-worthy!LOL!)


I don't even know how to add a drop-shadow on my own!! And that title image was something I got from a blinkie/glitter site! LOL!

And, here it is, after a major make-over..


It is a much better version, don't you think? I used SuzyQ's Mad Scientist kit for this page. This kit is one of my favorite SuzyQ creations, since the colors and elements are very versatile, and can be used for boy or girl pages..

Sooo, start choosing that older page, make-over that old layout, make it look more amazing! And link us up to your pages here in the comment section, and who knows, you might be one of our lucky winner of a $5 gift certificate to Suzy's store! And you don't have to use SuzyQ products to enter/join, but she has lots of lovely kits that you could choose from, and also freebies which you can find here on the blog, so why not? ;)

This challenge ends on April 19th, 9pm EST. Go now, choose & scrap!! :)

QT out!



Ellie said...

Great re-do Joy! Here's my orginal:
and here's my new one:

Thanks for posting this challenge, I've been meaning to re-do some pages for a while!

krcurten said...
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krcurten said...

I'll have to try this again, the first post cut off my layout site codes. :-(

Old Page:

(It keeps cutting off the last part when I make the post, so I had to paste /abuddingartist.jpg on the line below it. You may have to type that part in to view it. Sorry, just a weird glitch I guess.)

Redo Page:

Thanks, I love your weekly challenges!