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Fireworks predict creativity?

My husband's younger brother and sister are in The Sound of America choir, which will be going on tour in Europe in just a few days. Because they wouldn't be here for the 4th, we decided to light off a few small fireworks last night. I thought the bright, flashing lights and the high-pitched whistles would bother Caden (8 months old), but he was FASCINATED by them. I guess we'll see how he handles the big show tomorrow night.

Speaking of fireworks, I took this little quiz online. (It was for a challenge at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Every Thursday, they do this little challenge called "From Our Blog to Yours." Since I have a blog now, I can participate and earn some Sweet Reward points!)

This week (in honor of Independence Day) we were encouraged to take The Fireworks Test. It was really simple and somewhat silly. But here's what my fireworks say about me:

What These Fireworks Say About You

You are chaotic, inspired, and very creative.

You're so creative, people don't really recognize your creativity.

What's expressive for you sometimes looks like a mess.

But you don't really care... you enjoy making your messes!

Ha, ha! Yes, I'm a cluttered, somewhat scattered person. I wouldn't say I'm chaotic or inspired. And I don't know that I believe my "mess" is expressing my creativity. But who knows? Maybe I don't even recognize my creativity. Click on the link if you want to take the test yourself. Pretty goofy. (BTW, I edited the HTML to fix the little typo in the header for my "test" results.)

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