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Sara Amarie Is the Coolest!

A little while ago, I discovered Sara Amarie's designs (she's a designer at Sweet Shoppe). Now I'm absolutely in love with them. Imagine my surprise when I saw a private message from her on Sunday, inviting me to be part of her creative team. No freaking way! I was so, so, so excited. I even declined another position on a different team so I could join hers. (Wish I had time for 2 full-time teams, but just can't do it right now.) Wahoo!!! I'm on a CT ... and not just any CT ... Sara Amarie's CT! How does a gal get so lucky? I'm so thrilled to be on Sara's team and help promote her work. Her products are a dream to work with, and I'm already having so much fun.

(Don't know what a CT is? Well, basically, members of a creative team create LOs or hybrid projects with the designer's products and then post them to several different galleries to promote the designer. Perk for the designer = lots of marketing. Perk for the team member = access to the designer's products.)

Here's a LO with one of her recent products, called Live Outloud, that I'm sure I'll be using a lot:

Just love how the colors POP against the black background.

Here's a LO with Cari's Evening, which was just released this weekend:

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