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Good Days and Slow Days

Whew! Life got crazy so fast! I've struggled a lot the last few months, but I'm finally getting some help and things are looking up. Yesterday I felt more like myself than I have in...a long time. It was fabulous! I accomplished so much.

I was reading a book the other day and some advice really hit me: instead of looking at life as good days and bad days, think of life in terms of good days and slow days. Hmm. Now that's an interesting perspective. I like it. Rather than being frustrated because it's a "bad" day, I can cut myself some slack and acknowledge that I'm having a "slow" day.

I'm behind on my "From Our Blog to Yours" let's get caught up, since the baby's napping.

My favorite birthday year...hmm. I think I'd have to say when I turned 14. I thought it was cool that I was turning 14 on the 14th. And I was in 8th grade, which had been the best year in school so far. And my birthday was on a Thursday, which at the time happened to be my favorite day of the week. I don't know...I guess 14 was just a good year for me. Not too many responsibilities yet...not much expected of me. That's about all I remember, off the top of my head. (An old journal indicates that it was a good day. One of the gifts I received was a thesaurus, which I still have and consult frequently, as I enjoy writing.)

Summer job as a teenager...for 2 (maybe 3) summers I sold corn for our neighbors, an aging man and his spirited wife. They were the cutest old folks. And Rawl had the best corn around. I rotated shifts with my sister and another gal in our neighborhood. We were busy from mid-July until school started. I was shy, so it was difficult for me to approach customers to see if they needed help. On especially hot days, it was nice when we ran out of corn early in the day, even if it meant fewer hours, and hence, less money. Some mornings we'd have to arrive early and box up a ton of corn for Lagoon's orders. We had to be very particular about the size of the ears of corn for those orders. The best days were always payday. Gloria always paid us in cash. Yes, those were wonderful afternoons, sitting in the shade of the carport, listening to Gloria get after Rawl for tracking mud into the house, trying not to laugh at the sly twinkle in Rawl's eyes.

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